Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

For Memorial Day we went down to Carlsbad to the Strawberry fields. While you farmers out there may be appalled that we actually paid $20 to pick strawberries in the sun, we had a blast! It was a perfect day. It wasn't very hot at all, because of the rain that we had in the days before.

There were at lest 4 acres of land to pick from and Reagan just ate whatever she found. Rotten ones in the dirt, squished by the masses, no problem, to her that was just more flavor!! Green ones, they were just a little tart. Orange ones, close enough.

Caitlyn plowed through the fields like she was picking money off of trees. At one point, I looked up and she and her bucket were about a half acre ahead of us. All we could see was blond curls bouncing above rows of green plants. When she finished filling her bucket and wondered back in our direction, we had to go through the strawberries in much the same way we examine Halloween candy after the big trek. Needless to say, a few of her pickings were chucked back into the plants. She was very proud of her loot so we had to do the chucking when she was busy telling Logan how to do his job.

Logan amused us by going, but he wasn't quite as enthusiastic about it. We gave him the big bucket to fill and about half way into it, he was sick of looking through the plants, and being on the lookout for bees. When Nathan took Reagan back to the car to clean off the strawberries from her face, hands, neck, and clothes, Logan took the opportunity to go back to the car and "help dad." My guess is there was more eating strawberries than there was helping, but he is pretty into being dad's buddy right now.

After the strawberry fields we tried to go to the flower fields, but they were closed for the season. All of the fields were brown, so instead we topped the day off with a trip to Islands for cheese fries and frozen lime cokes. A very fun way to spend the day together! I can't wait for summer. This weekend we are taking the dogs to dog beach for some fun. That should be interesting!! Logan is definitely looking forward to it. I am sure Oliver will love it, Milton, not so much.